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General information

DietLabs MedTech LLP guarantees safety of data, including the safety of personal data of users who visit website. The information below guarantees secrecy of personal data and their proper usage.

In order to make Privacy and Cookie Policy more accessible, the term ‘User’ has been replaced with ‘You’ and ‘Administrator’ with ‘We’.

Moreover, we have introduced subheadings which will make it easier for You to find the information of your interest.

The present Privacy and Cookie Policy relates in particular to website which belongs to DietLabs LPP Ltd., as well as all other websites that We own (later referred to as ‘Website’ or ‘Websites’).

Personal Data Administrator

DietLabs MedTech Ltd., with its registered office at ul. Chełmońskiego 8/4, 60-754 Poznań entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda, VII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the numbers: National Court Register number KRS 0000835159, tax identification number NIP 7792514378, National Official Business Register REGON 385832009, is the administrator of Your data.

You can also contact us using this email address:

Data Protection Officer

In order to increase the safety of Your personal data we have appointed Mr Tomasz Gałczyński to the position of Data Protection Officer whom You can contact by mail or by phone +48 533 411 806 or +48 795 660 190.

We collect data about You from various sources:

The Information You Give Us

If You subscribe to the newsletter:

a)    e-mail address

b)    name (not always)

If You decide not to give us these data for some reason, we will not be able to conclude a deal with You and You will not be able to use our services.

If required to do so by law, we may ask You to provide us with other data necessary, e.g. for accounting or taxing. Apart from these cases, providing Your data is voluntary.

Apart from the data necessary to conclude and implement a potential contract, You also give us:

a) Data from the correspondence: You share some personal data if You contact us by email and also when using contact forms available on our Website or by contacting us by traditional post, fax and other offline means.

b) Data from surveys: if You participate in any surveys, you render access to some personal data as a part of Your reply, unless you reply anonymously.

c) Data which you make available in your posts: You may render Your data accessible when You write comments on Website or participate in a general discussion.

The Data we collect automatically

We collect some data automatically as a result of Your activity on Website as described in the section devoted to Cookies. The data comprise i.a.:

a) Internet protocol address (IP) of the device You are using to access the Platform (it can sometimes be used to get data about the country or city where You are using the platform)

b) address of the website You visited prior to visiting our Website

c) particular actions taken on Website, including the sites You visit, streaming, connecting to Your Facebook or Google+ accounts, commenting or searching

d) any searches of entries You may have done on Website

e) time, frequency and length of Your visit on Website

f) the type of Your search engine and operating system

g) the type of device through which You access Website, e.g. – whether You have access to Website from a personal computer, a mobile device or device ID

h) data collected through Cookies and other technologies as described in the section devoted to Cookies

i) data concerning interaction with email messages, e.g. whether You open emails, click on emails or forward them.

How we use Your data

Your personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

a) To provide You access to our Services so that You can use them, the legal basis for this processing is that it is necessary to conclude and perform the contract between You and us.

b) To manage and improve our activity, by which We mean in particular management and upgrading of our Website, improving our offer, detecting frauds and other types of malpractice, as well as preventing them. The legal basis for this will be our legitimate interest.

c) To personalize the content we provide, understood as personalization of offers and adverts addressed to You that are visible on our Website – in this case, depending on a particular situation, the legal basis for the processing of data may be Your consent or our legitimate interest.

d) To contact and interact with You, understood as answering Your questions, comments, etc. In this case, the legal basis for the processing of data may be Your consent or our legitimate interest.

e) To resolve disputes, consider complaints or claims, understood as considering complaints, legal claims or disputes between You and us – the legal basis for the processing of data may be Your consent or our legitimate interest.

f) To fulfill our legal duties, g. provisions of tax law – in this case the legal basis for the processing of data will be the fact that such activities are essential to perform our legal obligations.

Sharing Your Data

We may and certainly will share Your data with:

a) our employees

b) people who cooperate with us on the basis of civil-law contracts

c) courier and postal service providers

d) electronic payment service providers

e) providers of our IT and network infrastructure

f) providers of the technology used by our Website

g) accounting service providers

h) other entities if it is necessary to enable the implementation of data processing

We can also disclose your data in the following circumstances:

a) if the law or authorities declare that we are obliged to disclose personal data, or for judicial purposes;

b) if we have to share personal data in order to determine, execute or defend our rights (this involves disclosing personal data to third parties to prevent frauds);

c) in case of restructuring, sale or transfer of ownership of the company (or its part), e.g. in connection with a takeover or a merger.

Every time we disclose Your data, it is always to the smallest possible degree that will allow the implementation of the processing of data and execution of our obligations.

Your Rights

You have the right to:

a) access the contents of Your personal data

b) update them,

c) delete them,

d) limit processing,

e) transfer Your data

f) withdraw Your consent (if processing is based on it) at any moment without affecting the legality of processing which has been performed on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

You also have the right to raise objections against the processing of Your data whenever the basis for it is our legitimate interest. This particularly applies to direct marketing.

In order to execute Your rights, contact Data Protection Officer.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the member state of Your residence, Your workplace or the place where the alleged offence took place, if You think that the processing of data concerning Your person violates the rules of law. A list of supervisory authorities is available under this link

International Data Transfers

Personal data can be transferred and stored in a destination outside the European Economic Area (EEA). It can also be processed by entities acting outside the EEA which work for us or for one of our subcontractors. In this case, we ensure that Your right to privacy is obeyed

In such cases, a transfer to third countries is executed on the basis of:

a) the decision of European Commission on the adequacy of protection, i.e. Commission Implementing Decision (UE) 2016/1250 of 12 July 2016, available under this link:

b) or if adequate protection has not been confirmed by the European Commission by means of decision, data will be adequately protected by standard protection clauses referred to in Commission Decision of 5 February 2010 on standard contractual clauses regarding transfers of personal data to entities processing the data in third countries under directive 95/46/WE of European Parliament and Council available under the link:

You can obtain a copy of personal data transferred to a third country. In order to do this, contact Data Protection Officer.

Retention period for personal data

We retain Your personal data throughout the time of our contract and after it has been executed for the following purposes:

a) to fulfill claims regarding the execution of contract

b) to perform legal obligations, in particular those regarding taxation and  accounting,

c) to prevent frauds and other types of malpractice,

d) for statistics and archiving

e) to the maximum of 10 years after the execution of the contract.

Personal data processed on the basis of our legitimate interest will be retained for the duration of the contract or until Cookie files expire or until You object to such processing whichever occurs earlier.

Personal data processed on the basis of Your consent will be processed within 3 years from the point in time at which the consent was given, or  until the consent is withdrawn, whichever occurs earlier.


Our Websites are not dedicated to children. People under the age of 18 cannot use our Websites. We do not collect intentionally any personal data of people who are under 18, nor do we allow them to use our Websites. Should we notice that we have been collecting personal data of a minor, we will delete it forthwith. If You have any reasons to believe we might have collected such data, we kindly ask for immediate contact directly to the Data Protection Officer.


In order to make our Website easier to use, we use Cookies. They are small text files stored on a user’s hard drive or in their computer’s browser directory. A cookie file usually contains the name of the website it comes from, the cookie’s life span (the time it exists) and a randomly generated unique number to identify the browser from which the internet connection has been made.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies for the following purposes:

a) to provide You with access to the services You look for on our Websites,

b) to upgrade our Websites and services,

c) to ensure safety on our Websites,

d) to advertise our services better for marketing purposes, using anonymous and pseudonymous data.

e) and if You have given additional consent so that We can personalize our the offers and content of our Websites for You, in particular through remarketing.

Cookies can be divided into different types depending on the criteria used.

Depending on the time cookies are stored on Your device we can divide them into the following types:

a) session cookies – stored on Your telecommunications terminal device, such as e.g. a mobile phone, a laptop or a tablet, but only while You are browsing our Website, or until You switch off Your browser or log out from the website;

b) persistent cookies – they are stored on Your telecommunications terminal device, e.g. a mobile phone, a laptop or a tablet, but for a fixed period of time or until You decide to delete them.

Depending on the origin cookies can be divided into the following types:

First party cookies – cookies placed directly by us when You visit our Websites

Third-party cookies – when browsing our websites You may receive cookies from entities cooperating with us which are our service providers.

Depending on the necessity to provide services the following types of cookies can be distinguished:

Essential – they are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of a website or the functionalities You want to use.

Functional – they let us analyze how You browse our Website, e.g. which links You click or which settings of Your browser You use.

Advertising/business – they let us estimate better our advertising and marketing actions. These cookies come from our partners whose services We use to analyze and track traffic on our Website as well as to measure our marketing performance. We do not share Your personal data with providers of these services except for data collected directly by advertising/business cookies. Keep in mind that data collected in this way can be joined with data collected by our providers in other ways. Such  third-party processing will be subject to privacy policies used by our partners.

Below You will find a description of cookies used on our Websites and how You can disable them.

Our Cookies (essential cookies)

These cookies are strictly connected to the performance of our Website and enable e.g. proper display of the page, logging in or adding items to the shopping cart.

Opt-out: You can configure Your browser so that it does not use any cookies. Such resignation may negatively impact performance and functionalities of the Website.

Google Analytics (functional cookies)

Our Websites use Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). Google will analyze how You browse our Website, which will help us upgrade the Website. Data collected by Google in relation to using the Website (e.g. visited subsites, language settings, operating systems used) will be sent to Google server located in the USA, where they will be stored and analyzed. Relevant results will then be shared with us in anonymized form. The collected data will not be associated with Your full IP in this process. We have activated the IP anonymization function offered by Google which will delete the last 8 digits (IPv4 type) or 80 bits (IPv6 type) from Your IP. Moreover, Google is an organization certified under the agreement between the EU and the USA on confidentiality protection (EU-US Privacy Shield), which guarantees that a proper level of data protection is maintained regarding the processing of data by Google in the USA. Additional information about Google Analytics is available on the following pages: Google Analytics Terms of Use,Privacy and Data Protection Guidelines of Google Analytics and Google Privacy Policy.

Opt-out: You can download and install a plug-in in Your browser which allows to disable Google Analytics Cookies. The plug-in is available under the following link.

Google AdWords (advertising/business cookies)

Our Websites use Google AdWords to advertise our products and services online. Google Ads will display adverts on other pages that You visit based on which part of Websites You have visited. We will use cookies for this purpose and they will be placed on Your device. These cookies IN NO WAY ALLOW US TO IDENTIFY YOU OR GET ACCESS TO YOUR DEVICE.

To find out more about Google’s Privacy Policy, click here.

Opt-out: In order to opt out of these cookies, click on this link Google’s Ads Settings and follow the instructions. 

Google DoubleClick (advertising/business cookies)

Our Websites use Google DoubleClick – cookies which let us control how often a given advert is shown to a browser, how long it is shown for and how often it will appear. On this basis we can evaluate the performance of our advertising.

Opt-out: In order to opt out of these cookies, click on this link Google’s Ads Settings and follow the instructions.

Vimeo (functional cookies)

Our Websites use Vimeo service provided by Vimeo, Inc. which lets us share with You videos on our Website. To find out more, please refer to the service’s Cookie Policy and Privacy.

Opt-out: In order to opt out of these cookies, click on this link Opt-out and follow the instructions.

Facebook Pixel

Our Websites use Facebook Pixel service provided by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). This service lets us track Your actions after You have seen or clicked on an advert from Facebook. This service is designed to enable evaluation of the impact of adverts from Facebook for statistical purposes and market research, and helps us upgrade our future adverts. Data thus collected are anonymous and do not allow to identify You. However, these data are collected and processed by Facebook and can be connected to Your Facebook profile and then used by Facebook for their own marketing purposes in accordance with Facebook’s Privacy Policy, available here. In connection to Facebook Pixel a cookie can be placed in Your device.

Opt-out: In order to opt out, click on the link Opt-out.

Comprehensive information is available in software settings (of Your browser). More information for users of particular browsers, including:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox



In order to disable cookies on mobile devices depending on the operating system installed, click on the relevant link below and follow the instructions:




Windows Phone

Please be aware that restricting or disabling cookies and other similar technologies may affect some of the functionalities available on our Websites.

Additional information

Additional information on cookies and other technologies can be found e.g. at or by accessing Your browser’s Help feature.

For more information, You can also contact us or our Data Protection Officer.

Changes to Privacy and Cookie Policy

We reserve the right to change and update this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

We will immediately notify the users of our Websites of any changes.

If You continue to use our Websites after the changes have been implemented, You accept the new rules. If the changes are significant, We may give a more pronounced notification or obtain assent in compliance with the law.

The date of entry into force of this Privacy and Cookie Policy: 10 Sept 2019.


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